Below you will find more information on how we can help you keep your properties through our specialized Janitorial, Green Cleaning, and many other services!

commercial cleaning services in utah


To be your trusted partner through technology and committed people


Always accessible – always there


Good communication – reliability

Efficiency in partner support - peace of mind

Respect the environment – ethical service

Affiliations - DBS Building Services prides itself in servicing you in partnership with the best industry practices, standards and experts. In an effort to deliver the best service, we are affiliated with the following organizations.

janitorial cleaning services in utah


People are the why! We strive to meet the needs of our clients and the spaces they manage. By taking good care of properties, we help our partners ensure that their spaces promote general well-being and productivity. With hundreds of clients in Utah, in a variety of industries ranging from healthcare to commercial, we can help you take care of your buildings and your people.



We at DBS are pleased to introduce you to two decades of excellence in building services. Proudly established in 2002, we built an organization that has become a go to partner in property management services.

commercial cleaning and janitorial services in utah

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