Floor Care

Floor Care

Floor care and maintenance includes strip & wax service, steam cleaning and scrubbing machines, grout treatment, horizontal and vertical tile restoration, and floor sealant/impregnation. Because our partners deserve one vendor who does it all, DBS has technicians with expertise in all of these areas.

Whether your space is marble, granite, flagstone, tile or hardwood, DBS treats, restores and preserves every variety of hard flooring.

STRIP AND WAX service restores your floors to their infancy. The treatment takes off years of wear and damage, then protects your VCT flooring and makes it look like new again.

GROUTS get discolored and dingy overtime, our chemical treatments brighten your grouts from within, pulling years of dirt and grime to the surface and giving life back to tired looking floors.

SEALANT/IMPREGNATION is a process of protecting delicate and porous material by bonding with the application site and filling small cracks and imperfections. The sealer is semi-permanent and can last for 10-15 years if properly maintained.

If you want to know more about our floor care options, contact us for an in-person walk through.

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