Day Porters

Day Porters

A day porter is a cleaning specialist who works in your facility while it is open, generally during daytime hours. We have day porters that you can hire by the week, or by hour for special events such as luncheons or large corporate gatherings. If your facility requires ongoing cleaning maintenance, you can also employ a day porter on your staff on a more permanent basis, whether that’s just for an hour or two per day or 40 hours per week.

The benefits of having a day porter don’t stop at just having a pristine facility all day long. Your cleaning specialist handles kitchen cleanup, bathroom maintenance emergencies and even biohazards. They will tend to any client or tenant requests immediately, so any concerns can be dealt with during the day rather than having to wait until the night crew arrives after hours.

A day porter is your janitorial right hand. They are available anytime you need them and can be tasked with anything you might need right away. Spills, empty delivery boxes, and messy coffee stations will be a thing of the past with the right partner at your side.

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