Schools and education centers require special care. Children need a clean, fresh space daily to feel confident, creative and safe. DBS will help with building reset after your instructors go home for the night. All marks from the day’s activities are washed away, leaving a free and clean canvas for tomorrow.

Desks and chairs are meticulously sanitized and all high touch surfaces are wiped clean, keeping your facility beautiful and germ-free. Restrooms are also cleaned and sanitized, taking special care in areas that children touch most frequently.

In the event that your need it, we have our electrostatic disinfection team standing by. This equipment kills viruses and bacteria by utilizing ionizing technology. The non-toxic solution clings to microscopic particles, deactivating the virus and rendering all surfaces safe and sanitary. This is done with no residue, smell or harmful chemicals and it’s approved as a safe and effective treatment by the CDC (deactivates all viruses, including COVID-19).

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